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The Cause and Treatment Of Gear Coupling Failure



We are a gear coupling manufacturer. Our company has always adhered to the "quality first, user first , integrity management" business philosophy, meticulous work, and constantly deepen the quality of management, we ensure to provide you with first-class qualified products.

Gear coupling is a common mechanical part of gear reducer used to transmit torque. It is composed of two parts, driving shaft and driven shaft. The general power machine is mostly connected with the working machine by means of the power machine.

Gear Coupling

However, the rigid coupling does not have the ability to compensate the relative deviation of the connected two axes, nor has the buffering and damping performance; however, it has simple structure and low price. Only when the load is stable and the speed is stable, the rigid coupling can be selected.

Rigid Coupling

Possible faults of gear coupling:

1. The tooth surface of gear coupling is seriously damaged.

2. The gear ring of the gear coupling has a large axial displacement and can not even mesh.

3. The gear coupling is broken.

4. The matching bolt of gear coupling is broken.

The causes of gear coupling failure mainly include the following two aspects:

1. Insufficient or lack of oil in the coupling of lifting accessories. Or improper use of grease, resulting in grease calcification, resulting in the failure of lubrication between tooth surfaces, or poor lubrication, resulting in serious wear of tooth surfaces. Treatment method: as long as the new grease is replaced and qualified grease is injected on schedule to prevent oil leakage and the oil volume is sufficient, it can be avoided.

Gear Coupling

2. The error of levelness and coaxiality of the two shafts is too large, which exceeds the scope of the coupling and can be compensated. As a result, the engagement between the shaft teeth and the inner teeth is not accurate, resulting in local contact and additional torque. The additional moment can be decomposed into axial force. Acting on the inner ring gear, the magnitude of this force depends on the magnitude of the deviation, which is proportional to the deviation. The larger the deviation is, the larger the force is, resulting in the axial displacement of the inner ring gear of the coupling of the lifting accessories. If the displacement is too large, it will be uncontrollable, resulting in severe gear wear, or even broken teeth, internal and external teeth can not mesh, until it can not be transmitted.

Gear coupling processing method: this kind of fault processing is relatively difficult, need to stop production processing. That is to say, re align, or re align the reducer side, or re align the drum side. First, find out the parts with large deviation error. In this way, first measure the deviation of the coupling to that side, that is, measure the levelness and coaxiality of the main shaft and the levelness and coaxiality of the main shaft of the reducer, and then adjust the levelness and alignment according to the quality scale again to eliminate the fault.

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