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How much do you know about rigid coupling?



We are a gear coupling manufacturer.How much do you know about gear coupling?Advantages: it can transfer a large torque, and allow a large displacement, and the installation accuracy is not high.

Disadvantages: high quality, high cost, gear mesh need lubrication, complex structure.

Application: widely used in heavy machinery and lifting equipment.

At the same time,how much do you know about rigid coupling?

Rigid coupling, as the name implies, is actually a kind of torsional rigid coupling. Even when it bears the load, there is no turning clearance. Even when there is deviation to produce the load, the rigid coupling still transmits the torque rigidly.If there is any deviation in the system, the shaft, bearing or coupling will be damaged prematurely, that is to say, it can not be used in high-speed environment, because it can not compensate for the relative displacement between shafts caused by high temperature caused by high-speed operation. Of course, if the relative displacement can be controlled successfully, the rigid coupling can also play an excellent role in the application of servo system. In particular, the small size rigid coupling has the advantages of light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity. In practical application, the rigid coupling has the advantages of maintenance free, super oil resistance and corrosion resistance.

Flange Coupling

Flange Coupling

In the past, people did not approve of using rigid coupling in servo drive, but because of its high torque bearing capacity, rigidity and zero clearance performance, small-sized aluminum alloy rigid coupling is more and more used in the field of motion control.


1. Light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity

2. Maintenance free, super oil and corrosion resistance

3. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials

4. Provide fastening bolt type, clamping type and separation type

5. Product models with different pore sizes at both ends are also available in stock

Rigid coupling is divided into flange coupling, radial key flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamp coupling and parallel shaft coupling.

The heating temperature of rigid coupling is generally 560 ~ 600 ℃, and the hardness is required to be hrc22 ~ 34. Because the purpose of tempering is to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties, so the hardness range is relatively wide. However, if the drawing has hardness requirements, the tempering temperature shall be adjusted according to the drawing requirements to ensure the hardness. For example, some shaft parts require high strength and high hardness, while some gears and shaft parts with keyway need milling and slotting after tempering, so the hardness requirements are lower.

As for the tempering holding time, it depends on the hardness requirements and the size of the workpiece. We think that the hardness after tempering depends on the tempering temperature, which has little to do with the tempering time, but it must be penetrated back. Generally, the tempering holding time of the workpiece is more than one hour.

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